Difference between smart power meter and smart energy meter

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    1. Application structure

    The multi-function power meter is mainly used for electrical parameter measuring and monitoring, not only for trade calculation of electricity charges. Therefore, the structural requirements for the meter are lower than the power meter, and there is no anti-theft mechanism, allowing the user to set corresponding parameters to achieve different Functional Requirements.

    The electric energy meter is mainly used for trade settlement of electricity charges, and has a high structural requirement for products. Usually, a "lead seal" is set to prevent the user from opening or adjusting the internal structure.

    2. Difference in working style

    In the working mode, the energy meter adopts direct access and is powered by the voltage signal. If there is no voltage signal, the meter cannot work normally. The multi-function power meter adopts the secondary cuurrent access mode, the input current becomes the standard current signal (5A, 1A) through the transformer, and the working power supply uses a separate auxiliary power supply, which can still work and communicate without the voltage signal. .

    3. Portability difference

    In addition, the multi-function power meter is more portable. It needs to be installed after the power distribution cabinet is installed. The installation process is simpler than the electric energy meter, and the ordinary electrician can perform the installation after simple training. If there is damage to the device or needs after-sale service, it is very convenient to replace. Take the KPM53 multi-function power meter as an example, 4 clips are used to fix on the power distribution cabinet. It's easy to remove the 4 buckles when removing or replacing the meter.