Smart motor protector anti-shake module applications for ind

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    For a variety of reasons, industrial grids often fluctuate. Short-term power loss of the power grid will cause the motor to stop, which will lead to equipment downtime, factory shutdown, and huge economic losses. The undervoltage restart function of the motor protector is suitable for such situations.


    The reasons of low voltage motor voltage dip occurs

    Most of the low-voltage motors are controlled by AC contactors. When the grid voltage fluctuates, the suction force of the contactor to the iron core is less than the elastic force of the release spring, causing the main contacts disconnected to stop the motor.The motor can not automatically resume operation. It must be manually started by the motor controller, resulting in long starting time and production interruption.

    Application of motor protector anti-shake module

    The anti-shake module is used in conjunction with the undervoltage restart function of the smart motor protector. When all external power is lost, the anti-shake module can maintain the protector for 3-6s unchanged working state. The undervoltage start function of the motor enables the motor to automatically restart after the power failure stops and the system power supply returns to normal, to maintain normal operation and avoid long startup time and production interruption.