What’s the basic function of multi-function power meter

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    The brief introduction of multifunction power meter:

    Multi-function power meter, where Multi is the abbreviation of Multimedia,which means multifunction power meter is a kind of power meter with diversified functions to meet various practical needs.

    For example: Compere smart KPM series multifunction power meter is with programmable measurement, display, digital communication and energy pulse output, which can complete functions such as power measurement, energy measurement, data display, acquisition and transmission. It’s widely used for substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent building, energy measurement, management and assessment within the enterprise. It is the key terminal monitoring element of energy management system, power management system and other energy consumption monitoring systems.


    KPM series multifunction power meter and function:

    The measurement accuracy of KPM series multifunction power meter is 0.5S and 0.2S, realizing high-brightness LED backlight uniform display and remote RS485 digital interface communication, and adopting Modbus-RTU communication protocol, the profibus-DP communication protocol could be flexibly extended.

    In the three-phase power grid system, the power parameters often collected by the multi-function power meter are: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, grid frequency, active energy, reactive energy, and switch input/output, temperature and others more than 30 basic power parameters. Users can flexibly add additional features based on their actual situation and budget.

    The KPM series multi-function power meters are divided into panel type and rail type, which can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation on site. The instrument has the characteristics of convenient installation and wiring, simple engineering, and field programmable setting input parameters, which can realize networking communication with industrial computer and PLC.