KPM10 3-phase power meter

KPM10 three-phase multi-function power meter was designed thatusing advanced 32-bit ARM processor and digital signal processing technology comprehensive set of three-phase electrical parameter measurement / display, power accumulation,etc.
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     KPM10 three-phase multi-function power meter was designed that using advanced 32-bit ARM processor and digital signal processing technology comprehensive set of three-phase electrical parameter measurement / display, power accumulation, fault alarm, harmonic measurement, digital inputs, relays Output and network communications in one. Standard 72 panel, large screen LCD screen, standard 1-way RS485 communication interface. With high precision, strong isolation, stable performance, anti-interference ability etc.

Function features
□ Measuring three-phase AC voltage, current, active / reactive power, active / reactive energy, power factor and other 30 kinds of basic parameters.
□0.5Slevel two-way four-quadrant power statistics.
□Working hours, load time statistics.
□Support up to 21 harmonic distortion rate calculation, total harmonic distortion rate calculation, voltage and current imbalance rate, the current K-factor calculation.
□Standard 1 –way RS485 communication interface, Modbus protocol.
□Can be extended 2-way passive switch value input.
□Can be extended 2-way relay output.
□128 points / cycle voltage, current sampling, high measurement accuracy.
□LCD large-screen, micro-backlight display, in the light and wide viewing angle to obtain good visual effects.

KPM10Multifunction meter-Technical parameters
Working power source Operating Voltage AC85~265V/DC80~300V
Rated power <3VA
Input voltage Rated voltage 57.7/100V, 220/380V, 380/660A(needs customization)
Sill value 5V
Overload capacity 1.2 times rated voltage allowed, continuous work; 2 times the rated voltage allowed 1second
Power consumption <0.5VA/phase(rated)
Measurement range 5~260VAC,
Frequency range 45~65Hz
輸入電流/Input current Rated current Default 5A,Input range 1-6A;Optional 1A,Input range 1-1.2A
Sill value 5A Configuration,5mA;1A Configuration,0.8mA
Overload capacity 1.2 times rated current allowed, continuous work; 20 times the rated current allowed 1 second
Power consumption <0.75VA/phase(Rated current 5A);<0.25VA/phase(Rated current 1A)
Frequency range 45~65Hz
Input/Output Switch value input 2-way passive main line contact DI input, internal supply DC24V power source
Relay output 2-way DO output,Contact capacity 250VAC/5A,30VDC/5A
Power quality monitor Harmonic measurement Voltage/current2~21th harmonic distortion rate、total harmonic distortion rate.
Harmonic distortion rate Phase voltage, line voltage
Imbalance rate Voltage. current
Measurement accuracy Voltage ±0.2%(0.01V)
Current ±0.2%(0.01A)
Active power ±0.5%(0.1W)
Reactive power ±2.0%(0.1kvar)
Active energy ±0.5%(0.1kWh)
Reactive energy ±2.0%(0.1kvarh)
Power factor ±0.5%(0.001)
Frequency ±0.02Hz(0.01Hz)
Temperature ±1℃(1℃)
Communication Communication interface RS485,Photoelectric isolation interface
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU,1200~38400bps
Electrical insulation Power frequency withstand voltage AC2kV/min~1mA Input-output-power source (GB/T 13729)
Insulation resistance >50MΩ                            (GB/T 13729)
Impact voltage 5kV(Peak),1.2/50us    (GB/T 13729)
Working environment Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity 5%~95% No condensation
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +75℃
Altitude No more than 4000m
Electromagnetic Compatibility Surge (impact) immunity GB/T 17626.5-2008,Level4
Electrical fast burst immunity GB/T 17626.4-2008,Level4
Electrostatic discharge immunity GB/T 17626.2-2006,Level4
Power frequency magnetic field immunity GB/T 17626.8-2006,Level4

1. The wiring diagram is suitable for low voltage three-phase three-wire system, low voltage three-phase four-wire system
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