T@Energy EMS applictation in GM

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    Compere smart T@Energy wisdom energy management system is a smart platform that monitors and analyzes various energy item such as water, electricity, gas and heating, etc. The system adopts advanced intelligent integration technology, with stable performance and convenient operation. Users can check the on-site operation status through various methods such as computer, tablet, mobile phone and APP. At present, T@Energy wisdom energy management system is widely used in construction, industry, power, petrochemical, medical, public facilities and other fields. The application of T@Energy System in Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. is a typical case of application in precision manufacturing industry.



    Project details

    Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. was established on June 12, 1997 and was jointly funded by Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. and General Motors Corporation. At present, it has four production bases in China and is one of the leading enterprises in China's automobile industry. The T@Energy wisdom energy management system is applied to Wuhan Branch of GM.

    The automobile manufacturing industry needs high-precision production. But the power quality problem is becoming more and more serious because of a large number of non-linear equipment are put into use. GM hadn't avoided this problem either. The power quality problem not only causes the cost of electricity rising, but also causes many manufacturing problems such as waste, downtime, restart, production loss, and equipment cost increasing, etc.


    Electricity consumption cost of different industry

    GM's production process mainly includes: stamping, welding, painting, assembly four processes. These process includes computers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), AC contactors, DC power supplies, robots, laser welding machines, lighting equipment, on-site bus and communication equipment, etc, totally up to 19 kinds of sensitive devices. Each process may cause the entire production stopping at any one stage, and seriously affect the production.

    Economic losses caused by power quality problems


    Power quality problems bring many problems to the automotive industry

    Therefore, the program for the energy management system of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch focuses on solving the interference and impact of the power quality problems generated by the automobile manufacturing workshop on the equipment.

    To solve this problem, our T@energy EMS solution focuses on monitoring and analyzing power quality issues such as supply voltage deviation, harmonics, voltage dips and instantaneous interruption. GM O&M personnel can query the operation status of the equipment at any time through smart devices, prejudge the abnormal conditions of the equipment and take preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of faults, which reduces the equipment failure rate caused by power quality problems to a certain extent. It improves the efficiency and quality of production, reduces the cost of electricity generated by power quality problems, saves the cost of expenditure, and achieves a “win-win” for energy-saving management.