Warm welcome to Our foreign customers

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    Compere Smart has begun to lay out the international market business in order to better adapt to the market, enhance product competitiveness, provide partners with more perfect technical solutions and richer application models.
    Recently, with the advantages of software and hardware technology in the industry, our smart meters and EMS are favored by many customers. On November 23, to discuss and expand the Russian and European markets, one of our Russian customer came to visit our factory.
    Compere Smart is focused on providing cost-effective energy management solutions for users and providing users with intelligent services for energy management. Our main products include power quality monitoring equipment, energy management systems and services, and communication gateways and other power quality improvement products.
    Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and all over domestic regions, providing high quality products and services for domestic and foreign customers.
    Welcome to Henan Compere Smart Technology Co., Ltd.