Low voltage motor protection controller situation and develo

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    Motor protection controller is an important component of power generation, power supply and power consumption system. It is an important guarantee for safe production and has a unique role in energy conservation. It has an irreplaceable position in the national economy and energy conservation. The products and technologies of motor protectors are constantly being iterated and updated with the development of the times.

    Early motor protection

    Early common motor protection controllers commonly used thermal relays and temperature relays were gradually replaced by a new generation of intelligent motor protection controllers due to their  delay protection performance.

    Thermal relays and temperature relays have a certain protective effect on the motor, but the mechanism of action is slightly different. The thermal relay is mounted on the power line, and the protection action is generated by the current thermal effect; the temperature relay is installed inside the motor and operates by the temperature change.

    The action mechanism of thermal relay

    The use of thermal relays to protect the motor from overload protection of the motor has the advantages of simple structure and inverse time performance. However, the thermal relay can not protect the motor from a stall, long-term overload, frequently start, and poor ventilation. Also subjected to structural and product characteristics, thermal relays are susceptible to temperature disturbances that can cause misoperation or rejection, and cannot be used again after over current or short circuit fault.

    The action mechanism of temperature relay

    The temperature relay itself has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and wide protection range, but the it is with slower protection action, the longer return time, and it is not suitable for the delta connection motor of 3KW or more. At present, it is mostly used on small motors such as electric fans, refrigerators, and air conditioner compressors, etc.

    Smart motor protector

    Smart motor protector is a technological innovation for motor protection. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of single function and unrepeatable use, but also can integrate protection, measurement, communication and display in one.
    The motor can realize network management based on multiple bus communication methods, and greatly improved the stability of the motor operation, reduced the on-site debugging and maintenance workload.

    KPM60 series low-voltage motor protection controller is suitable for rated voltage 380V-660V. It integrates protection, control, management, monitoring and data recording. It is a competitive product in the domestic low-voltage motor protection controller market.