Power management functions

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    With the popularization of modern computer control technology, communication technology and network technology in the industrial and power industries, the power management system uses computer, communication equipment and measurement and control unit as the basic tools, provide a basic platform for real-time data acquisition and switching status monitoring and remote control of the power distribution system, help companies eliminate silos, reduce operating costs, increase production efficiency, and accelerate abnormal reaction speeds in the power distribution process.

    Therefore, in the power distribution system, the power monitoring and management system plays an increasingly important role. Taking the power management system produced and developed by Henan Kangpai Smart Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, we will introduce you to its eight functional features and advantages.

    Function 1: System Tools
    Users can realize rights management and software maintenance through system tools, which has the advantages of simple and convenient operation.

    Function 2: Engineering Management
    Users can manage the device information/ status and drawings in an orderly manner through project management.

    Function 3: Data Query
    Users can query real-time data and historical data of all parameters through the power management system, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and fault prediction.

    Function 4: Event Alarm
    The event alarm function can record events such as faults and over-limit operation records and provide alarm function queries to help users quickly handle faults.

    Function 5: Power Quality Analysis
    Record analysis shows the power quality of the power system.

    Function 6: Real-time screen
    Real-time visual display of power distribution monitoring system and network monitoring is intuitive and eye-catching.

    Function 7: Report
    Recording and storing daily/month/year data in EXCEL format is convenient for query accounting, which greatly reduces the workload of manual meter reading.

    Function 8: WEB browsing
    You can view the running conditions of the system in the form of webpage, don't need to install the client software. You can also view the mobile phone, which is convenient for querying anytime.